Guys losing interest in dating?


It is now becoming quite alarming the number of guys that simply cannot be bothered to get of their bums and go and look for a new partner. The reasons for this are many and varied, but things really do seem to have changed for this generation. Whereas years ago people would be married very young with children on the way at a young age, there is now an alarming number of guys that are still single at an older age and therefore without children approaching their forties for example.

Some of the reason for this is that now with a lot more people going to university and people being more career focused, this type of thinking is now put on the backburner and less emphasis is put on this way of thinking. Added to that the UK in general has become very expensive and most people in general need to earn quite a lot of money just to cover the bills. Also these days getting onto the property ladder has become much more difficult and therefore depending on where you live it is probably unlikely that you could achieve this before the age of 30!

It also seems these days that guys are more up for much more casual partners and in some cases just prefer one night stands that they might meet at a London nightclub than opting for the settling down route. Those that do well for themselves are probably more likely to even use massage parlours and busty escorts in LondonĀ if need be, whereas years ago this definitely was not so available and popular.

In summary it really does seem that the good guys are quite hard to find now and therefore the getting into some online dating or really making an effort seem to be way to go for most females looking for love!